Residue Classification

00 Waste Classification

Select a waste source

01 - Wastes resulting from exploration, mining, quarrying, physical and chemical treatment of minerals

02 - Wastes from agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, forestry, hunting and fishing, food preparation and processing

03 - Wastes from wood processing and the production of panels and furniture, pulp, paper and cardboard

04 - Wastes from the leather, fur and textile industries

05 - Wastes from petroleum refining, natural gas purification and pyrolytic treatment of coal

06 - Wastes from inorganic chemical processes

07 - Wastes from organic chemical processes

08 - Wastes from the manufacture, formulation, supply and use (MFSU) of coatings (paints, varnishes and vitreous enamels), adhesives, sealants and printing inks

09 - Wastes from the photographic industry

10 - Wastes from thermal processes

11 - Wastes from chemical surface treatment and coating of metals and other materials; non-ferrous hydro-metallurgy

12 - Wastes from shaping and physical and mechanical surface treatment of metals and plastics

17 - Construction and demolition wastes (including excavated soil from contaminated sites)

18 - Wastes from human or animal health care and/or related research (except kitchen and restaurant wastes not arising from immediate health care)

19 - Wastes from waste management facilities, off-site waste water treatment plants and the preparation of water intended for human consumption and water for industrial use

20 - Municipal wastes (household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes) including separately collected fractions

N - None of the above