For an up efficient management of fluorinated greenhouse gases

Nuno Roque, Secretary-General of APIRAC

When we speak on fluorinated greenhouse gases, within APIRAC’s work, some concerns arise in the scope of the application of Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014.

Complaints about contracts awarded to non-certified companies to the detriment of certified companies often arrive at the Association. This reality constitutes unfair competition and a disregard for the regulations in force. The protection of the end customer is not yet guaranteed, due to a manifest lack of skills of non-certified companies, in disregard of the legislation, in the handling of equipment and regulated substances.

At the level of commercialization in non-specialized channels, the problem arises mainly in large surfaces where the buyer purchases the air conditioning equipment without guarantee that the installation will be carried out by a certified installer.

The illegal sale of fluid is common to non-certified companies, but also when selling illegal fluid, in which in this case two illegalities are added: unauthorized agents and unauthorized fluids.

Within this framework, APIRAC promotes the following solutions:

Notification action with market operators that sell regulated substances under Regulation (EU) 517/2014 with request for random samples of fluorinated greenhouse gas sales, with information on the identification of the acquiring companies in the sample period.

In the case of fluid purchasing companies exempt from certification, the supervisory bodies may notify the companies for information as to the purpose for which the purchased fluorinated gases are intended, proof of their application, namely through intervention forms and issued invoices.

Notification action to the market operators that sell refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps that contain fluorinated greenhouse gases, which are not hermetically sealed, with the request for random sales samples, with information regarding the identification of the installation company of the equipment sold in the sample period.

That the Intervention Form for the installed equipment shall be considered as proof of installation, as a mandatory record regarding the tasks of installation, maintenance and technical assistance in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps that contain fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Finally, VAT deductibility on the purchase of refrigerants only within the reach of certified companies and which demonstrate compliance with legal procedures.