KET4F-GAS system for the recovery of fluorinated gases (HFCs): These two prototypes, one of the main results of the project and whose details are presented in the videos, have been designed, built and validated for the recovery of F-gases based on the optimal combination of KETs.

These prototypes, validated at pilot scale, were created with the ultimate goal of reducing the emissions of F-gases, which contribute to climate change, in the Sudoe area.

Prototypes for F-gases separation

This video, aimed at young people, describes the objectives of the Ket4F-Gas project and the challenge we face with regard to reducing the impact of fluorinated gases on the environment, and more specifically global warming, in a simple and accessible way.

Video of capitalisation of results, describing the different activities that have been developed in the project and the final conclusions.

The main objective of the Ket4F-Gas project is to reduce the environmental impact of fluorinated gases through the development and implementation of Key enabling technologies (KETs).


Tool for the selection of Key Enabling Technologies

This computer tool allows the classification of waste according to the European method (EWL – European Waste List) and a better understanding of the impact of fluorinated gases, as well as the best solutions available for their treatment using Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

The tool has been developed in the framework of the European project KET4F-Gas, co-financed by the European programme Interreg Sudoe through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Online Library

  • Good practices handbook for industry and waste managers
  • Roadmap for the public administrations in charge of waste management
  • Finance Scheme Catalogue – Opportunities to consolidate KET4F-Gas results and to improve the environmental performance of the F-gas industrial sector in the Sudoe area
  • Innovations factsheets



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Here you can download the brochure with the main details of the project.